For many, many years, I could never stay consistent with my gym workouts. I would join a gym, go regularly for 3 or 4 months, just start to see some progress and I’d get sick, have a crazy week or go on vacation, or I’d just lose my motivation and stop going.

After awhile, I’d want to start back up again…only it was always SO HARD at the beginning I’d put it off even longer. I repeated this cycle for YEARS!! Sound familiar?

Now…I’ve been working out regularly for 5 years! I can count on 1 hand the number of weeks I have not worked out and it’s always been because I was sick…and I always get back on track the next week.

I have dramatically changed my body from one that I didn’t like to see in the mirror to one I am proud to show off at the beach (how many 46 year olds do you know who have abs?? And I don’t mean one big bulging ab either!!)

So how did I do it after all those years of starting and stopping?? Same way I have kept up daily meditation for a year, grown my business dramatically faster than most and exceeded my investment goals over the past 3 years…I have accountability in my life.

Forbes magazine stated that only 8% of us that make New Year’s Resolutions ever achieve those goals. That means 92 out of 100 fail…and most likely fail year after year after year.

See here’s the thing…when the only person I have to answer to is me…I can very easily let myself down. I accept all my excuses, I’m very lenient on deadlines and I don’t give myself any consequences when I don’t follow through.

In fact, I rarely have specific goals or timelines with myself…they are just vague ideas bouncing around in my head…which makes it really easy to never reach them.

It wasn’t until I started working with accountability partners that I started to reach (and often exceed) my goals.

The secret is…I hate disappointing other people. And if you are like me, you are probably the same way.

  • Do you do tasks that are for others before you do things for you?
  • Are you great at meeting goals at work but don’t do that very same thing at home?
  • Will you routinely sacrifice things like the gym, your diet, personal finances for others?

There’s a lot of psychology around why that I won’t go into here…needless to say our ability to be fine letting ourselves down (vs letting down others) is rooted in our self-esteem and need to be liked and accepted…and what’s important right now is to learn how to make it work for you like I have for me.

Like you, I tried dozens of tools for reaching goals…and for the most part they didn’t work.

You can have all the Aps, synched calendars and fancy notebooks in the world and they won’t help you actually achieve anything if you don’t use them (I got to a point of failing to use the tool that was supposed to keep me on track to reaching my actual goals!!)

Tools only work with a Mindset change…and for most of us, probably you, the easiest way to incorporate a successful Mindset around goals is by being Accountable to SOMEbody other than yourself.

You do have to find the right partner however. If you just ask a friend to be your Accountability partner…and they don’t hold you accountable…nothing changes.

They have to be committed to holding you accountable (best if you hold them accountable to something at the same time..and it doesn’t have to be the same thing).

Example: a friend of mine and I have a weekday check-in. He sends me his mileage (which he needed to track and wasn’t) and daily workouts and I send him my nightly relaxation and weekday meditation. If one of us misses 1 day, we owe the other a coffee. 2 days in the quarter, it’s a fancy overpriced coffee. 3 days is lunch…etc.

Right now, he’s had a rough month and owes me dinner…but he hasn’t given up and he’s happy that I am there to hold him accountable because this has made ALL the difference in the world to us continuing to achieve our goals we could not reach alone!

We had both tried and failed to reach these goals on our own for a looong time.

This is why the Coaching industry has taken off in last decade from where only elite athletes had Coaches to now, where most people are working with at least one (I personally have 3).

Coaching is about Accountability matched with expertise in an area where YOU want to see increased results (because honestly, if you could do it on your own, you would have by now!)

I love having Coaches because of the Results I’ve created and I love being one to support others to reach their goals! It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling!!

My clients and I fully understand the Power of Accountability and utilize it in our lives to make our dreams reality (and then keep going…hence my company being called Next Level Success!)

If you want to change your life and start achieving the results you’ve always dreamed of, I highly recommend you create Accountability partners in your life starting RIGHT NOW!

And if you need help…just reach out and say “I need help with Accountability Brian” here.

One of my favourite quotes is:

“The measure of a person is not whether they have challenges. It is whether they have the same challenges they had last year.”

If you find yourself having the same challenges year after year after year…it’s time for some Accountability in your life.