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Here’s How I typically support my clients:

  • You make good money but it’s not how much you make that has you win the $ game, it’s how much you keep! I help you get your Expenses under control, make more Profit and set up automatic processes so you actually spend LESS time dealing with Money.
  • You feel stress, anxiety or guilt over money and can barely talk about it or even look at your statements. I reveal your Money Mindset that is secretly sabotaging you and causing your anxiety and we reset it so you feel confident, relaxed and hopeful about the Future.
  • You may enjoy your work, but you literally have no plan for how you will slow down or retire one day. Stop working, no income. We create and put into action your customized Freedom plan based on YOUR goals so you replace your work income with investment and passive business income. Now you make Money while you sleep, relax on an extended holiday or spend time with your family!
  • You have savings & investments but you also have some debt, outstanding taxes & HST and you don’t want to pay any more interest or penalities. I educate you on good debt vs bad, get you up-to-date with CRA (it’s easier than you think), share my experience about investing (that you will never hear from your bank or advisor) and support you in clarifying the right steps to take so you can achieve your dreams in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s My Story…

I live in the GTA, have a dog named Magnus and I’ve had my own business for over a decade now. I’m pretty much just like you except…I’ve figured out the Money Game and how to make it work for me (like Neo from The Matrix).
Back in 2003 I was a Weekend Warrior working in a cubicle farm and mildly depressed. Don’t get me wrong, I knew I was very lucky compared to most…but I just wasn’t happy. I was great with Money thanks to my parents and I had a very good job, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to life than the 9-5 (or 8-6) working for someone else.
I was searching for alternatives and found out my cubicle neighbour was investing in Real Estate. I had no experience with this so I bought a property with him, learned his system and together we started a company to help other people become invested in Real Estate. 4 years later…when we saw warning signs about the market (shortly before the crash of 08), we informed our partners it was time to sell, made a boatload of $ for them and ourselves, and both ‘retired’ from the Corporate world for good!
Over the next couple of years I watched as so many people saw their future crumble before their very eyes because of the greed by the companies they trusted with their retirement plans. I decided to learn EVERYthing I could about Money, Debt,
Leverage, Investing & creating Wealth. I have taken the courses, sat through the seminars, invested hundreds of thousands of my own $ and gained a ton of wealth and experience about the Money Game. In 2014 I officially started my Coaching company so I could share this education with as many people as possible and show others how I have become Free.
I am passionate about Freedom and have created it (and continue to) in my own life. I own my own home, car plus multiple investment properties, I take off on exotic adventures around the world several times a year and I set my own schedule every day. I love waking up on crazy weather days because don’t have to commute anywhere; I enjoy beautiful afternoons by taking my dog for a long walk in the woods by my house or having a fancy coffee on a patio with a friend; I have stores and the gym all to myself because I don’t go at peak times with all the worker ants and I can honestly say that I absolutely love my life…and my Purpose is to help as many of you who desire to create the same level of Freedom in YOUR lives!
I continue to work and grow my business because while I have reached my first goal of being Financially Free, I am now on track for my second audacious goal of having a net worth of $10 Million…and I want to take as many people with me on this journey as possible. In my experience, life is that much better when it is shared with like-minded people that I enjoy spending my time with!
I hope you will choose to join me on this journey and create Wealth and Freedom in your life too.
Are you ready to turn the money tap back on?