Who is Brian Bogaert ??

Owner, Coach, Speaker at Next Level Success Coaching

“I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.” – Morpheus 

Going back almost 2 decades, I was very much like Mr. Anderson from the first Matrix movie.  

I had a good job making close to 6 figures, I lived in an upscale condo and took vacations every year. But I had this nagging feeling 'there has to be more'...and I'm not talking about promotions or more ‘stuff’...I just felt, well, trapped in a life I didn't really choose. 

One day, in 2004, I asked my cubicle neighbour what his tunnel out of prison was (a joke we had) and he told me that he was investing in Real Estate. In that moment I met my Morpheus and my 4 year journey out of the corporate Matrix towards Freedom had begun!  

Over the next 10 years I kept learning, taking action, and going in & out of the financial Matrix to my advantage (just like Neo does)...including navigating the 08/09 crash with ease, successfully testing many different investing options and being mentored by my 'next level' Morpheus (several of them actually).

After reaching my first goal (retiring from the rat race at 37) and second (becoming financially free), I started my company Next Level Success Coaching to share my learnings and experience with others as a lot of people were asking me how I achieved the success I had and could I show them what I did.

The truth the banks and advisors don't want you to hear is it is TOTALLY possible to become Free much quicker than their 30 year plan. My first Real Estate investment in 2004 was $11,000 and I turned that into over $250,000 in 7 years. You don't need a big pot of $ to get started.  

What you need is exactly what Mr. Anderson in the Matrix (and I) searched for and found...an education from a Mentor who had achieved what we desired! 

Now...I have become Morpheus and help people like you become Neo in your Freedom story!  

Whatever more freedom looks like for you… support your family, open a business, cure a disease, start a revolution, travel the world…just not stuck in a job you don't enjoy and a life you didn’t choose. 

So, Mr. or Ms. Anderson...Are you going to take the blue pill and return to the Matrix, or will you take the red pill and join me down the rabbit hole towards your dream life and Freedom?!  

How To Work With Us! 

Creating Your Dream Life

In 2014 I included 'Be driving my dream car...but not paying more than what I am paying now!' in my 5 year goals list. I didn't know how or even exactly what that would look like...but I knew it was something I wanted in my pursuit of living a life of Freedom and Abundance now and in the future!

4 years later...it happened and I got my brand new Tesla Model S you see below. 

And just like I declared...I utilized an investment and receive cash flow every month that pays all the expenses above the amount I used to pay for my old car!!

This is an example of what I do with clients... choose a goal, make a plan, learn about the best investment tools and then execute to make it happen in the timeframe you desire.

It's a tried and true and repeatable process...just like baking a cake or putting together a bookcase (both of which I actually find harder to do)!

What Freedom & Abundance goals do you want to achieve?

One of my strongest values is Freedom as far back as I can remember.

The lack of Freedom in the corporate world crushed my soul, and I had to get out (that's why the Matrix movies SO resonated with me). 

Creating more Freedom for myself and others became my life Purpose, and starting Next Level Success and Coaching others in creating financial freedom is how I achieve that Purpose on a daily basis.

I am always educating and empowering others whether I'm getting paid or not.

I absolutely LOVE it when someone reaches their goals and gains more Freedom and knowing that I had a hand in that...which is just me paying forward what my mentors shared with me. 

Getting into investing I found it so hard to find data & education without a sales pitch...and it's why my programs only focus on education and empowerment...not a sales pitch into a real estate project or investment op. 

I get paid to teach you how to fish (for the rest of your life on multiple investments) rather than trying to sell you 1 fish that may not even match to your goals.

I literally don't have to work anymore because of what I have created as an investor...but I choose to keep doing what I love to take as many of you with me on this journey of Freedom and Abundance. 

It's how I will continue to fulfill my Purpose, thereby creating even MORE Freedom, by helping you reach your Next Level of Success...

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