What We Do (and Don't Do)

Most investment advisors will ask you a few questions, put you in a generic risk category, and suggest a product that they sell, usually mutual funds. They send you reports that have a lot of numbers on them, which often confuse and intimidate, but tell you very little about how you are actually doing financially. They'll charge you fees and commissions whether your money goes up or down, and if you inquire about private investments or other things they don't sell, they may tell you that these are 'too risky' and you should avoid them.

Not being advisors, we at Next Level Success Coaching will never tell you what to invest in, or what to do at all actually. How could we tell you what is right for you if we don't even know what your goals and dreams are yet? Instead, we focus on educating and empowering you to make informed choices about what is best for you and your family.

That's why we start by getting to know you and what you want in life...and then identifying your Money Mindset to see if it's in alignment with that dream. After that we'll help you learn from our past mistakes to avoid losing money, and leverage our successes to create more Freedom!

We'll also explain alternate investment options that you've likely never heard about from your bank or advisor (Things like: real estate; private lending; cryptocurrencies...).

You'll use what you learn to generate 10-1000 times the cost.

You're making an investment in your Financial Freedom as you keep utilizing what you learn over and over with all kinds of investing for the rest of your life!

Coaching & Mentoring

What’s the fastest route to success? Working with an experienced expert who can effectively teach you what they have accomplished. You benefit from our successes and avoid our failures…which saves time and a TON of money!

Are you a 'do-it-yourselfer'...how's that working out for you in the Financial Freedom department? Maybe it's time for a new approach to finally produce your desired results!

Speaking Events

Looking for real, unique, lasting value to provide to your team? When your people thrive, they create more success around them, they tell their friends, you create loyalty and you and your business thrive!

We promise this is NOT the same old boring money or investment talk...your people will be raving about this for weeks!

Online Programs

While we do in-person engagements, the majority of our services are virtual. Today's tech allows for dynamic group Coaching & Mentoring experiences, self-directed online programs and live, large group Masterclasses...and we do them all to make it as convenient and valuable for you as possible.

No rush-hour driving, searching for parking or additional expenses required. Learn from home in your favourite easy-chair!

Let's Get Started

"Find a way to make money while you sleep, or work until you die"

- Warren Buffett